Dr Mike Rigby

Mike Rigby

Mike Rigby is Deputy Director of the Centre for International Business. Mike was educated at Hull University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. He has been employed in Employee Relations at Esso Petroleum, as Director of the South London Training Centre for Small Firms, and Researcher and Lecturer at the London South Bank University. As well as the LSBU he is currently employed as lecturer by Carlos III University, Madrid.

Mike's main research interest is employment relations. In recent years, research involvement in this area has included a focus on trade unions and training, trade union strategies, employment relations in small firms, occupational health and safety, and, most recently, work life balance. He has a particular interest in employment relations in Spain and Iberamerica.

Mike is a referee for the following journals- British Journal of Industrial Relations, Industrial Relations Journal, Employee Relations., Southern Development and Planning. He has also acted as a referee for the ESRC, Nuffield Foundation, and the Health Development Agency, the International Journal of Iberian Studies and the Journal of Common Market Studies.


Mike is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the British Universities Industrial Relations Association and the Accounting, Auditing Research Centre (Brunel University)




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 Non-refereed Papers (Conferences)

M Rigby- Trade Unions and Work Life Balance, EESRC seminar on Work Life Balance in Recession, Warwick, July, 2014 

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