Recent external involvement and publications by members (publications are listed in the Appendix to the page)


Peter Elsmore

Peter co-organized the Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism in Copenhagen and co-edited the special edition of the journal ‘Culture and Organization’ in recognition of the Conference. 

Charles Graham

Charles has been active at a number of conferences during the past year. He gave a paper on ‘The Long and the Short of it; Patterns of consumer behaviour are predictable, and can inform both tactical and strategic marketing planning’ at the10th International Marketing Trends Congress, in Paris and, with Dag Bennett presented a paper on ‘ Is loyalty driving growth for the brand in front? A two-purchase analysis of car category dynamics in Thailand’ at the Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Coventry University, July 2010. He also gavr papers on ‘A steady drip from the leaky bucket. The long-term erosion of repeat-purchase’ and, with Danenberg N, ‘Swimming with the sharks? Understanding the competitive structure of primary-demand level product-markets’ at the Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Liverpool University, July 2011.

Charles was also successful in obtaining a Research Opportunity Fund grant covering a sabbatical at the Ehrenberg Bass Institute, University of South Australia.  

Grazia Ietto Gillies

 Grazia has been working on the relationship between internationalization and innovation (with M. Frenz of Birkbeck and A. Filippetti of Rome). A report and a paper have already been published. They are now working on comparing the innovation performance of 42 countries.Grazia also has developed work on the interaction between the activities of transnational companies and the rest of the economy. Grazia has developed an interest in issues related to evaluation of research and specifically the suitability of Peer Review systems. She has published two papers on this. As an offshoot of this she has become involved in two initiatives:

·        The establishment of a World Economics Association in cooperation with international colleagues. It will operate online; will publish 3 journals on line – based on the evaluation system Grazia has developed in her papers- and on line conferences.

·          The politicians also seem to have doubts about the Peer Review. The Parliamentary Committee on Science and technology of the House of Commons has instituted an Inquiry process into Peer Review. They have invited submissions and I have sent one which can be found alongside another 91 at:  


Nigel Grimwade

Nigel presented a paper ‘Estimating the Effects of Integration’ with David Mayes and Jao Wang at a Conference organized by the European Institute of the University of Geneva as well as presenting a CIBS seminar in 2010 

Dieu Hack Polay

Dieu presented a seminar on the ‘Growth of African Small Businesses’ in the CIBS series. 

Zhibin Lin and Dag Bennett

Zhibin Lin and Dag Bennett have completed two papers for presentation at the Academy of Marketing Conference this year. The first is entitled ‘Investigating the moderating effect of loyalty programme membership’ and the second ‘ Frequent flyer programmes: The China experience’.  

Bruce Lloyd

Bruce has been active in an editing and reviewing role- continuing to be reviews editor of Long range Planning and an editorial advisor board member for the Leadership and Organizational Journal as well as reviewing for Professional Manager. He has also been Practicing Manager Panel Member for the CMI Management Book of the Year.

He had papers accepted on Power Responsibility and Wisdom for the Biennial Conference on Competing Values in an uncertain environment: Managing in Paradox, Lisbon and for the 11th Annual Conference ‘Getting Clever about Knowledge’ at ANU, Canberra 

Piers Myers

Piers, together with Laura Luisis Lynd gave a well received paper on Engaging with Engagement at the CIPD Annual Conference at Keele. The research upon which this paper was based received a CIPD award as the best Masters dissertation in 2010.

Piers has also just delivered a major new book on organizational change (see Appendix). 

John Opute

John’s paper on the Sustainability of Collective Bargaining in the Formal Economy was presented at the 6th IIRA African Regional Congress of Industrial Relations in Lagos in January.

In April he presented a paper on the Concept and Practice of Performance Related Reward in Developing Economies at the 6th Performance and Reward Conference in Manchester. 

Mike Rigby .


 Mike's paper on Third Party Intervention in Collective Industrial Disputes with Miguel Angel Garcia Calavia of the University of Valencia has been accepted for the International Labour Process Conference in Stockholm in March. Mike and Miguel Angel organized a conference on Third Party Intervention in Valencia in April and are editing a book based on the papers presented there which will be published in January 2013..

  His research on the role of Accountants in supporting SMEs in HR has been a major focus of activity. His paper with Robin Jarvis was awarded the annual Professor Ian Beardwell £500 prize for best paper at the CIPD conference in June. Another paper on the same research was well received at the Institute of Small Business Entrepreneurs conference in November. The published report (ACCA research report 123) was launched to a specially invited audience of professional, academic and government representatives at the ACCA in February .Finally discussions were initiated in Brussels in February with DG Enterprise on mounting a European Conference preceded by research. 

                   Mike spent a week at the Autonoma University in Barcelona during the Easter vacation at the invitation of the Catalan Government and gave three research seminars on his research on work life balance. He presented a paper on Employment Relations in Spain at the University of Sydney in November.


Appendix - Publications of CIBS members 


Ardy B M

Chapters in Books

Five chapters in A El Agraa- The European Union: Economics and Policies, Cambridge University PressAll chapters with A El Agraa as follows- The Economics of the Single Market, Tax Harmonization, The General Budget, Social Policies; the Employment Dimension, Industrial and Competitiveness Policy: the Lisbon Strategy

Elsmore P

Academic Journals

2011 Editor, Special edition of ‘Culture and Organization’



Academic Journals


(2010) withBennett, D. Is loyalty driving growth for the brand in front? A two-purchase analysis of car category dynamics in Thailand. Journal of Strategic Marketing, 18, 7, 573-585. 

(2010) What’s the Point of Marketing anyway? Market Leader, Q1, p38-41. 

Grimwade N

Chapters in Book


(2011) with Mayes D and Wang J –Estimating the Effects of Integration, Ch 13 in M N Jovanovich-  International Handbook on the Economics of European integration


Ietto Gillies, G

Academic journals

(2011)(with A Filippetti and M Frenz) ‘Are innovation and internationalization related? A Comparative analysis of European countries’, Industry and Innovation, (forthcoming).

(2011)( with Jeb Sprague) ‘Transnational corporations in the crisis: A discussion with Grazia Ietto-Gillies. Interview article for Jeb Sprague, Globalizations (forthcoming)

(2010)Review article of: Clinton and Blair: The political economy of the Third Way by Flavio Romano, Routledge 2006, Review of Social Economy, September .

(2010)‘The economic crisis of 2008 and international business. Can we say anything meaningful about future scenarios?’, Futures, 42, 9: 910-19, November.

            Chapters in edited books

(2011)Strategies of transnational companies in the context of the governance systems of nation-states, in Ugur, M. and Sunderland, D. (eds), Does Economic Governance Matter? Institutional Quality and Economic Outcomes, New directions in modern Economics Series, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

(2011)‘The transnational corporation and finance’ in Michell, J. and Toporowski, J. (eds), Handbook of critical issues in finance, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.

(2011)‘The multinational firm. Characteristics, activities and explanations in historical context’ in Dietrich, M. and Kraft, J. (eds), Handbook of the Firm, Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.

(2011)‘The role of transnational corporations in the globalization process’ in Michie, J. (ed.) The Handbook of Globalization, revised edition.

(2011)‘The integration and fragmentation role of transnational companies’, in Handbook of Economic Integration, edited by M. Jovanovic, Edward Elgar


(2010)A XXI alternative to XX century Peer Review, in Production, Distribution and Trade: Alternative Perspectives. Essays in Honour of Sergio Parrinello,  in A. Birolo, D. Foley and H. D. Kurz (eds), London: Routledge, pp. 333-348.

CIBS Research Working paper

(2011) No. 1-11 "Locational strategies of the world's largest trans-nationals. An empirical analysis of the network of affiliates in 1997."


Lloyd B

(2010) The Wise Society, Futures Bulletin (World Future Studies federation), 35,3&4, pp21-24



Myers P

With Hulks S and Wiggins L – Organizational Change: Perspectives on Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press


Opute J

(2011)With Koch K – The Emergence of Collective Bargaining Structures in a Transformation Economy : the example of Nigeria, Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations, 77,pp39-57


Rigby M

- with F O’Brien Smith (2010) – Trade Union Interventions and Work Life Balance, Work Employment and Society ,24,2,1-18


with F O'Brien Smith(2010)-  The Work Life Balance Strategies of USDAW- Mobilizing Collective Voice, Industrail relations Journal ,41,3,206-217                         

- with R Jarvis (2010) – Accountants as HR Advisers, People Management, September 2010

-with R.Jarvis  (2010)– Business Advice to SMEs: Human Resources and Employment, ACCA Research Report 123.


 - (2011) Tendencias en la Sociologia y en la Sociologia del Trabajo, in La Investigacion y la Ensenanza de la Sociologia del Trabajo, Germania.

 - with Ponce Y (2011)- Training in Spain, in M Gonzalez and M Martinez Lucio-  Human Resources in Spain, Civica

- with R Jarvis (2011) – People power for SMEs, Accountancy Futures, 3, 2011, pp25-28