About us

The Centre for International Business Studies (CIBS) is based within the Faculty of Business at London South Bank University, which has a highly international character in terms of the profile and philosophy of its courses, the recruitment of students and the background of staff.

CIBS work builds on an already established research base. The research is multidisciplinary and involves work in Accountancy and Finance, Economics, Business Strategy, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour, all considered in their international context. Comparative Studies of both countries and areas are also the subject of much of the research. CIBS Director is Dr Peter and the Deputy Director is Dr Mike Rigby.


  • CIBS seeks to underpin London South Bank University's postgraduate courses in the international business area. To this end it organises a programme of lectures and seminars which is open to staff and postgraduate students.
  • The Centre seeks to support individual staff in their research activity through staff development and the production of a series of working papers. Follow the link to read more about support for staff research.
  • The Centre maintains research contacts with other universities and, as appropriate, invites external colleagues to become Associate Members of CIBS.
  • CIBS provides a home for externally funded research projects in international business.